Our Business Card

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Homely Character

VI GROUP was founded by Richard and Juraj Duška in 2005 – they are brothers, colleagues, graduates of Architecture, experienced real estates investors and passionate urbanists. In spite of a fast and dynamic growth our company maintains a homely character up to now. We understand needs of family very well and adapt all our projects to them.

Inside the TOP 10 in Slovakia

From a small family business, we have worked our way up to one of the largest development companies in Slovakia. We owe our success to an experienced team, consisting of top professionals in the field of architecture, town planning, construction, project management, engineering, marketing, and business.

International Intervention

Professionalism and reliability in our relation to customers and business partners have contributed to the realization of dozens of our development projects, both in Slovakia and abroad. We are a stable and sought-after Central European brand, operating in the Czech, Polish, and Ukrainian markets.

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All Services

We provide complex services throughout the whole development process. From the sketch, to handing over a key in your hand. From the initial creative idea in the studio, through designing, obtaining permits, selling apartments, client changes, investment management, and construction implementation- the whole way to handing over a key from the finished space.

Local Patriotism

As one of the few developers in Slovakia, we have purely Slovak ownership. At the same time, we stay in a close relationship with, the place, where our company has its roots. Therefore, our projects always respect the history of the site, local communities, and the environment.


We are not only a developer, but also a socially responsible partner. Through our own civic associations, under the personal guidance of the founders' wives, we support various public benefit activities. We help local communities, local schools, and conservation associations, contribute to the planting of new trees, and support the Red Cross. In addition, for each project, we build public buildings – bike trails, playgrounds, sidewalks, and community gardens.

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